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Saunas with swimsuits days around Hilversum

Around Hilversum https://zwaluwhoeve.nl/badkledingdagen [Harderwijk]Tuesday and Thursday . At the weekend there is always one swimwear day, one week on Saturday and the other week on Sunday. https://zuiveramsterdam.nl/wellness/badkledingdag/ [Amsterdam]Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are swimsuit days @Spa Zuiver. A really nice place https://spaweesp.nl/ [Weesp]spaweesp has swimsuit days… Read More »Saunas with swimsuits days around Hilversum

How to get a mortgage

Finding property in the Netherlands is not really the issue, there are real state agents, news paper announcements and of course the famous webpage funda.nl. But buying a house in the Netherlands is only about finding your dream home. It goes far beyond that. Below… Read More »How to get a mortgage