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Saunas with swimsuits days around Hilversum


Around Hilversum

https://zwaluwhoeve.nl/badkledingdagen [Harderwijk]
Tuesday and Thursday . At the weekend there is always one swimwear day, one week on Saturday and the other week on Sunday.

https://zuiveramsterdam.nl/wellness/badkledingdag/ [Amsterdam]
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are swimsuit days @Spa Zuiver. A really nice place

https://spaweesp.nl/ [Weesp]
spaweesp has swimsuit days on monday and the last sunday of the month

https://www.thermensoesterberg.nl/ [Soest]
this place is beautiful and the swimwear day is every Tuesday

https://spasereen.nl/ [Utrecht]
SpaSereen has no special swimwear or ladies days. On all days, both men and women are welcome undressed.

Further away

https://www.fortresortbeemster.nl/ [Purmerend, Amsterdam]
1st Tuesday of the month swimwear day | swimming pool swimwear compulsory
UNESCO World Heritage Site

https://www.thermenbussloo.nl/badkledingdagen/ [Alpedoorn]
I like thermen bussloo a lot it has Tuesdays swimsuit days
Aufguss ritual, essential oil in sauna waved by a towel and relaxing music

https://sanadome.nl/ [Nijmegen]
Sanadome in Nijmegen, is beautiful and has also hotel, you can arrange for example a weekend there is súper relax

https://www.thermenberendonck.nl/badkledingdagen/ [Nijmegen]
And this one is also very nice and has swimsuit days on Wednesday
1001 Arabian Nights themed. 13 saunas

https://elysium.nl/badkledingdagen [Rotterdam]
24 saunas. Very big, hard to see everything in one day
swimsuit several days per month, check calendar

Other saunas

https://www.saunavanegmond.nl/ [Harleem]
easy to reach by both private car and public transport
no separate swimwear day or swimwear days.

https://www.saunaridderrode.nl/ [Harleem]
No, we do not offer a special swimwear day or ladies day. Are you looking for a little more privacy? Tuesday and Thursday are the most quiet days.

https://www.sare.nl/nl [Enschede]
Swimwear is not allowed under any circumstances for hygienic reasons

https://www.sauna-zuidwolde.nl/ [Drenthe]
no swimwear days, so wearing swimwear is never allowed.

https://www.saunapark-epe.de/ [Germany]
Swimwear is not allowed. Bathrobe is mandatory. No swimwear days, so wearing swimwear is never allowed.

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