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WhatsApp Community Rules

  1. Being respectful and social is the main rule of the groups. Disrespectful behavior towards other members will be taken very seriously and followed by a ban.
  2. Images and videos not related to official events are not allowed, because they clutter everyone’s phone.
  3. Third party events should be sent privately to the admins, they will make a post in the events chat. Format is “image + what + when + where”
  4. Things for sale should be set up somewhere else and then linked to the chat, so no images but just a brief post. Format is “one line description + price + link to images”
  5. Direct sales are not allowed. However, a business can arrange free events that can be shared within the community, or the owner can join one of our events and share their expertise to promote themselves.
  6. Messages requesting money, other than splitting bills, are not allowed.
  7. For recurring posts by the same author, the limit is once per month.
  8. For the newcomers, it would be highly appreciated to have a short introduction when joining the app group

Other best practices

  • Images generated automatically by WhatsApp from links, and emoji/gifs are allowed to be used everywhere (but please don’t abuse this)
  • If there is an activity chat for the topic you want to talk about, please go write in the activity chat
  • Please stay on topic of the activity chats, we are not too rigid about it but try to not sway too much
  • It is ok to upload images and events in the activity chats, but these needs to be on topic
  • Messages involving money are not allowed in any chat of the group