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Where to easily learn Dutch language in Hilversum


We all know how hard learning Dutch could be, especially considering that English is well spoken almost everywhere in the country.

You can of course practice Dutch language with our Dutch Language cafe’ events [link], but if you want get used to it first and study it outside of our events, here’s a list of places and websites that offer Dutch classes for free:

  • Danner & Danner: situated close to central station, it offers different type of courses both
    for integration (inburgeren) and to learn Dutch.
    To be able to the course, you first need to register to the website and you will then be
    invited for a language intake. The interview/test is useful to assess which course is best for
    you and what your starting level is. For more information check
  • De Bibliotheek: the library offers language café in different locations in Het Gooi area and a
    course for NT2. In addition, several language books are available for rent. Check
  • Oefenen: the website offers language programs for free. Check
  • Dutch grammar: the website offers a good and extensive explanation of the Dutch grammar and few audios in Dutch to improve your listening skill. Very useful starting point while learning the language. It also offers a pdf of the grammar for 3.75 euro as printable option.
    Check https://www.dutchgrammar.com/

There are also some online resources to learn, practice and improve Dutch. Here a list of some of them:

Do you know an useful resource that is missing here? Please let us know!

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