Who we are

In a nutshell

Our history so far

Our group originated back in 2013. It started from a group of friends that enjoyed each other’s and met through the Couchsurfing platform. The group outgrew the platform, becoming a sort of expat family to each other, spending time together and caring for each other until today. 

Other social groups were founded over time in Hilversum, but either were just made by businesses to use that pool of people to find customers, or were made by good people that were quickly overwhelmed by the effort needed and left their groups abandoned.

We still see many that group a lot of members but with no activities being carried out. We take pride in continuing making an effort to organize weekly activities to keep the community alive even when the Covid pandemic hit us hard.

In August 2020 we decided that such a community was worth expanding and share the good of our group to everyone that is looking for new friends and a stable, reliable social circle.

Maureen, Martin, and Stefano founded “HelloEverybody!” to invite more people to have a better social life, have a friendly, caring social circle and have a chance to support each other.

The administrators

We are proud to put the effort of making Hilversum (and surroundings) a nicer and better place to live!